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Charity and IT Consulting

We offer consulting and IT services to registered charities, start-ups and small businesses, both in the United Kingdom and abroad.

If you are looking for help with brand design, content writing, donor relations, volunteer coordination, website design or IT helpdesk services, we might just be able to help.


Jessica is a food-loving, tender-hearted creative with a passion for crafting narratives and the perfect cup of coffee. She holds a dual degree in English Literature and Urban/Multicultural Education from the University of Tennessee and years of diverse not-for-profit experience spanning multiple countries, specialities, people groups and missions.

Jessica has devoted her life and skills (and also, her blog) to shaping the hurts and the hopes of the world into words that inspire action.


Mark is a jack-of-all-trades IT pro, with a work history spanning P2P software, project management and piloting helicopters. He has a heart for international community development and counts it his personal mission to build capacity in organisations working with the vulnerable.


Mark thrives on confronting unique challenges, empowering individuals, charities and businesses through bespoke IT solutions.

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